The first handheld
made for cloud gaming

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Built from the ground up for cloud gaming

  • Latest WiFi 6 for the lowest latency
  • Chipset optimized for video streaming
  • No graphics processing for a longer battery life
  • Slim and light form factor
  • Dedicated PC graphic quality
  • No wasted pixels, 1920 x 1080 display

Impossible graphics

Desktop graphics without the tradeoffs

Crushing candy is for your phone

No more clunky accessories for your phone, a dedicated device for your cloud games.

Supported platforms

Steam Link
Connect to your Steam library*
Xbox Cloud
Connect to Xbox Cloud**


Every CloudBoy includes software, updates and accessories.


Some bad news...

CloudBoy is just a concept. Maybe it could become a reality if enough people like it. If you’re into it and would want see it become real, drop us your email.

Make CloudBoy Real

We’ll never use your email for anything other than letting you know if CloudBoy moves further on in development.

A project by Simon